AR4 at Boston VR AutoDesk
The iHoloDeck team is excited to announce the launch of our KickStarter - AR For Everyone (AR4E)  campaign in association with ARX, Monsarrat and the critcal review of the founders of Boston VR Meetup.  Our AR4E SmartPhone Cardboard is a transformable, comfortable Augmented and Virtual Reality Headset with both 2D Monoscopic lenses for viewing 360 videos and playing Pokeman Go games, and 3D Stereoscopic lenses for popular, immersive Virtual Reality experiences and games.

It is also the perfect solution of safe, interactive, true AR activities for groups and teams in education, industry and health.  We are particularly exciting about our alliances with health professionals treating and researching Autism, Alzheimers, and other cognitive challenges.

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We are committed to providing the very best value to all of our KickStarter Supporters - beginning with our AR4E SmartPhone Cardboard through our UltraPro Series of 8K HeadSets.   We are looking forward to the critical review of our AR4E Cardboard Supporters to help guide our Summer 2018 UltraLite Polymer AR4 Headset Kickstarter.  All AR4E Supporters will recivece preferred status and credits towards each evolution of our technologies.
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